Hackathon Fun at Lengo!

Hackathons have become increasingly popular over the last several years, with companies big and small across the world organizing events. Hackathons are a fun, inexpenssive way to kick start innovation. So, after a nearly two year hiatus, the team at Lengo participated in a one day Hackathon held at our London headquarters. Like most events worth attending, it involved a lot of beer and pizza!

Everyone was encouraged to participate, be they product or software orientated. Turnout was almost absolute, but a special mention must go to those in the USA offices who put in the effort to take part from across the pond: Jennifer Jester (who WON!), Ben Aurich and Kelsey Beasley.

The goal was to build a product which would be helpful for HR teams. The winners were team MAJI-k, who built a mock-up of a chrome extension which would help you learn more about your colleagues based on their social media information – keeping you up to date with birthdays, life events, what interests people have and as well as their professional aspirations. The goal of the product is to help increase employee engagement and retention by fostering deeper relationships among colleagues. MAJI-k team members included Iulia Wagner, Marcus Mcleggan, Alessio Pieruccetti and Jennifer Jester.

Honorable mentions go out to the second and third place teams. In second place was team Maestro, with members Nilesh Singh, Alessandro Pellizzari, Lorand Condrache and Martin Clode. Maestro is an internal application that connects employees with mentors in the company. In third place was team Dice QuickMatch, with team members Fabrice Guery, Ben Aurich and Stefan Endlich. Dice QuickMatch is a alert service which sends real-time notifications to recruiters as soon as a resume is uploaded matching specific criteria.

All participants had a great time and felt the experience was worthwhile. It gave folks a chance to work closely with people they might not otherwise spend time with, focus on new and creative ideas outside their normal scope of responsibility and enjoy a little friendly competition.

The Hackathoners would like to thank our leader, Ben Ritchie, for organising the event and Shravan Goli, our executive sponsor, for encouraging participation. If your company hasn’t held a Hackathon – suggest it – and enjoy a day of extraordinary creativity, learning and fun!

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