GDPR And How It Affects Your Social Strategy


GDPR. Short for General Data Protection Regulation. The term has a lot of marketers confused and concerned about the future of their targeted advertising efforts, but once we cut through all the legal “mumbo-jumbo” what does it really mean?

To simplify, GPDR stands for the right to be forgotten. For decades companies have been collecting data points on their users to turn around and use for personal gain, or even to sell off to other companies for a profit often without the knowledge or express consent of the individuals whose information is being shared. GDPR eliminates this process entirely and protects the privacy rights of the individual.

So how will this impact all the data that companies have stored up to this point? Well, unless you had the express consent of the individual (and GDPR outlines what qualifies as consent) you’ll need to erase everything. This makes a huge impact from a marketing standpoint in terms of what you can or can not use for your targeting efforts, and it largely complicates the fidelity of companies that have previously relied on the selling and exchange of that data to run their business. But it is very much a change that needed to be made. And while it is not yet implemented outside of the EU, different forms of GDPR are expected to be rolling out in other countries sooner rather than later.

So what do we do now? We stay calm, we adapt, and we go about collecting data the right way. With consent forms and transparency on how we will use the contact information we are given, an opportunity to build trust from our audiences and develop even more effective marketing tools moving forward has risen. Lengo is still an ideal source to help you reach out to candidates that fit your hiring needs, and we will continue to stay current so GDPR is just another normal part of your workflow rather than the roadblock so many have been struggling to accommodate.

If you’ve found that you’re needing help reaching out to your desired audience, schedule a demo with Lengo today to see how we can help you achieve your goals, not just on the right platforms, to the right people, at the right time – but also in the right way.