Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lengo?

Lengo is an ad solution that makes hyper targeting easy and efficient by utilizing proprietary data to build a qualified active audience of tech professionals.

How is Lengo different from targeting on Facebook and Twitter?

Targeting directly social media platforms is broad.  It is based on general demographic and behavioural information. Professional insights are typically minimal and often outdated.  Lengo builds hyper targeted custom audiences allowing for more precise and relevant people to engage with your brand.

What are some of the professional criteria I can target by?
  • Job title
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Industry
  • Company
How much does Lengo cost?

Our prices vary depending on what your goal is.  Please contact us at for more information.

Are we able to retarget the people who have engaged with your ads?

Yes, we keep track of everyone who has engaged with your ads and are able to build you a custom audience to run follow up messages to these people.

Can Lengo target by location?

Yes, we can target by Country, State, County and City.

Can Lengo target by gender?


Can Lengo target by age?

No, but there are some cases where we can narrow the audience based on age-related insights.

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